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NLB Tutunska banka – FON

NLB Tutunska banka – FON is a domestic card which the students can use to settle their current liabilities for their studies at FON University. The card can only be used at the POS terminals of NLB Tutunska banka installed at the FON University premises.

Who is it intended for?

For all students at FON University who wish to have a simple manner of settling the costs of the studies with deferred payment.

Main advantages

  • Deferred payment of the costs of the studies with a certain credit limit
  • Cashless payment of the costs of the studies
  • No membership fee for the entire period of card use
  • Payment of liabilities to FON University through NLB Klik

Basic information

  • Fixed credit limit of 36.000 MKD with a validity deadline at 30 September
  • The credit limit is renewed annually on the basis of a confirmation from the University
  • The card is valid exclusively for student payments to FON University

What should you do if you have lost the card or if it has been stolen

Should you determine that your card is gone, immediately block it, whereby you will be protected from possible abuses.
You can block the cards 24/7 on the phone No 02/15 600. You can do the same during working hours in any branch office of NLB Tutunska banka.


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