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The Bank - A Custodian

Bank – Keeper of Investment Funds’ Assets

With the development of the financial market in the Republic of Macedonia and the increase of the size of trade on the Macedonian stock market, a new type of financial institutions was formed - Investment Fund Management Companies.

Following the trends of the financial markets’ development, and starting from our strategic orientation towards continual development and enrichment of the pallet of products, NLB Tutunska banka has first offered the service Depository bank – Bank keeper of investment funds’ assets on the market in the Republic of Macedonia
NLB Tutunska banka performs the function of Depository bank for the first investment funds that have been opened in the Republic of Macedonia, and currently it performs this function for five opened investment funds.

The Bank has a professional staff which performs the activities related to the provision of services of depository bank for investment funds with high quality:

  • security and transparency in the in the evaluation and keeping of shareholders’ assets
  • observance of the legal regulations in the operation of the funds
  • keeping the fund’s assets, i.e. shareholders’ assets
  • settlement of transactions related to the funds’ investments in the country and abroad
  • effecting the Funds’ orders which are in compliance with the legal regulations, statute and prospectus of the funds.
  • conducting corporative activities
  • collection of dividend, interest or other type of income from securities where the funds have invested

Why NLB Tutunska banka?

  • trained professional staff
  • high level of quality in the operation
  • customer orientation
  • constant monitoring of changes in the regulation related to custodial services
  • dedication to continual custodial services  development
  • Bank stability and security which is guaranteed by the stockholders’ structure and the reputation of NLB d.d. Ljubljana which is our strategic partner

For more detailed information, you can contact us on:

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